13076756 10209008923931126 8175378920715784057 nHello everyone. My name is Diana Di Penti. I have been a Ballroom Dance Instructor in Parma, Ohio for 28 years.  I was introduced to ballroom dancing at a very early age. When I was about 1 and a half years old, I moved to Haiti with my parents. I learned to dance the local dances, of which were the Merengue and Salsa.

At the age of 6, I had my first look at what structured ballroom dancing was like, when I attended a show dance at a local studio in Haiti. I was absolutely taken with the beautiful dancers in their glittery costumes as they glided effortlessly by. It looked like so much fun to do and was very exciting to watch. It left me breathless and wanting to see more. This is when I discovered that I loved dancing, and that day I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up.

At the age of 16, I began to learn ballroom dancing in Florida. After a while, my instructor suggested that I should begin training to become an instructor of ballroom dance.

At the age of 18, I began my training. I worked for an Arthur Murry Studio in Parma, OH - owned by Mr. Victor Lungaro, which later became The American Ballroom Centre. I worked there for 27 years, and through this studio I received my American Style Smooth/Rhythm and International Style Standard /Latin certifications.

After the retirement of the owners of the American Ballroom Centre and with their guidance and assistance, I started my own dance studio and became the owner/operator of Ana’s American Ballroom Centre.

It is to Mr. Victor Lungaro/owner, and Mrs. Isobel Harton/manager of the American Ballroom Centre and the staff, that I wish to express my deepest admiration, respect and most heartfelt gratitude for my ballroom education and success.  I also wish to thank all of my students, past and present: you all are my joy and inspiration!  To my future students, I will tell you that I am so very excited to meet you, and I will endeavor to help you reach your dance goals with fun, patience, respect and enthusiasm. I am happy to continue my love of dance and teaching and gladly welcome all those who wish to learn!